Helping children, families and their communities in Haiti

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We have partnered with Faith & Love In Action (FLA) since 2002 to offer financial assistance to support the needs of the children at the boys and girls orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti. Our child sponsors in Canada through their generous financial contributions, love and support have provided many wonderful opportunities for the children. FLA provides a loving Christian home, every child receives an education, nutritious meals and medical attention. The financial donations provided by Faith & Love Children's Ministry (FLCM) are well used and multiply in their blessings for the children at the orphanage. We are so proud of the work FLA has done to raise, love and nurture so many children who would have otherwise struggled to survive.

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you the story of Faith & Love in Action Orphanages in Jacmel, Haiti.

Faith & Love in Action was founded by Marlaine & Pastor Daniel Alix. In 1994 Marlaine had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness combined with an extremely strong desire to somehow become personally involved with the nurturing and salvation of the orphan children of Haiti. She felt, “someone has to help them”. One evening, Marlaine was praying and crying compassionately about the orphaned children. Her then five year old daughter Vanessa knew of her mother’s desire to help these children and said, “Mom, we have a home. Why don’t we share our home with those kids who need one.”

Marlaine believed then, and believes to this day, that her prayers had been answered and that the Holy Spirit had spoken the words she needed to hear through Vanessa. Marlaine immediately told her husband Daniel what Vanessa had said and they decided as a family that they would take in three girls and provide them with a home and a loving Christian environment.

Their hard work and dedication to the orphan children of Haiti has grown into a girls and boys orpahanage. Currently there are over eighty children within the two orpahanages.

When you help support the children of Faith & Love In Action 100% of your donation goes directly to the orpahnage and the children. All the efforts here in Canada are volunteered so we can pass on every cent to the children who need it the most. In addition you will receive a registered charitable donation tax receipt through “Faith & Love Children’s Ministry (FLCM)”.

Thank you and God Bless,

Marci Taylor
Faith & Love Children’s Ministry – Child Sponsorship & Adoption Representative